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We have cultivated a creative team of energetic and passionate Private Guides and Drivers for your Private Tours around Italy. Adreinne and Renato (the owners) will work with you to personalize your Private Tour in Italy, tailor fit for your needs. Our private guides and drivers provide entertaining and informative Tours and Services with a local feel. From Venice to Sicily, Rome to Naples, create with us your private vacation in Italy with unique off-the-beaten-path options as well as all the Classi Tours. 100% Private Tours in Italia. See the world's most stimulating Country with a great smiling company for your private tour of Rome where you will skip all the major lines, Private Tour of Venice/Murano to see the original glass blowing techniques, Tour Florence and relive the Renaissance of Michelangelo , private tour of Naples and the Amalfi Coast for a breathtaking experience! You will have a licensed, official guide or driver with you shedding light on the unknown, from ancient colossal sites to secret hidden treasures this rich culture has to offer. Walk off the plane to meet your elegant private driver in Rome, Naples, Florence and more. We will have every detail of your trip in Italy planned with surprises around each corner. We'll create a flawless and divine Italian dream come true. Let us do the work - you’re on Vacation! Hotels, chauffeurs, no-line museum entrances, local restaurants, we do it all. From 2 to 200, your private group will be well taken care of in our hands. With over 10 years of ‘local’ experience our Italian+American team knows all the ins and outs. Private tour guides and drivers in Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and all the little towns in-between, . Private tour guides all over Italy for you! We customize your private Italian Vacation!
When you're with us you don't have to plan....because, you have a friend in Italy!

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Adrienne Emily David


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon Adrienne has a long historical passion for Italy which was passed down from her grandfather who fought there in WWII. For one year after high school, Arts and Communications School, she developed her knowledge and love for Rome as an au pair. Back at Portland State University Adrienne graduated with an Art History degree. Following a course in Florence ,Italy, she became specialized in Renaissance Art and perfected her Italian. After 10 years back and forth, Adrienne has finally settled in Rome: after extensive training and studies, she is using her sparlking personality to spread the joy of Italian pleasures.
Renato Solpietro


In Naples, Italy, Renato was born with an espresso in hand, singing and dancing. For 9 years after University (Federico II) he worked as a resort director and entertainer: Renato has always had personal contact with tourists. His studies of Italian History and Literature have deepened his knowledge of his country. Years of studying Mythology helps Rentato explain, in his perfect English, the complex stories of this ancient Roman culture. His is knowledge of Italian wine and culture are put to good use.
We collaborate with a team of licensed professionals and local experts.
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